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For customers

We are nothing without our customers

and this is the section for the dealers of Aluproff’s products.

We can guarantee the end-user perfect installation, thus optimum function and user experience. All of our products are of the highest quality, designed and designed according to modern techniques, guaranteeing you get a solution that lasts. At Aluproff we are always available with support and guidance in our large product range. You can call our support Monday to Thursday from kl. 08: 00-16: 30 and Friday from kl. 08: 00-16: 00, or you can send an email.


Here you can read more about our multi-functional display in top quality with many applications. Up to 44 curtain rods on one stand, possibility for hooks for SB bags, possibility for curved rods, possibility of booklet holder, optional rods. Click here for more information


Profiles, sliders and other parts: 5-year warranty on all parts for production failure, which results in reduced functionality. Engine and remote control: 5 years warranty on production failure, which results in reduced functionality. Click here for more information


Here you can find installation manuals and installation instructions for most of our products. Click here for more information

Product Data Sheets

to our all products

National Holidays

when Aluproff is closed for business:

Please notice that we do not close during the summer, but in some periods we do reduce manpower.

Customer info

Everything you need to know

including shipment, package size and regarding profile bending.

Date Day Week Public holiday
Until January 03 52 New Year + Inventory
March 29th Thursday 13 Maundy Thursday
March 30th Friday 13 Good Friday
April 2nd Monday 14 Easter Monday
April 27th Friday 17 Day of repentance and prayer
May 10th Thursday 19 Ascension day
May 21st Monday 21 Whit Monday
June 05th Tuesday 23 Constitution Day

Profile bending

With the right bending tool and inlays, you can easily bend our profiles yourselves. Here you can see an instruction of how to bend the 2001 with a table model. Click here to see the list of bending tools and inlays, you can also click here to open as PDF

Package sizes

To obtain faster handling in the production and thus dispatch date, please order tracks and accessories by whole boxes. Read more here


We happlily offer to send the goods with one of our trusted forwarders or we can arrange pick up with your prefered forwarder.


Picture material and somfy instructions

Somfy instructions

Here you can download Somfy RTS instruction manuals

Somfy InstalGuide 



Metal chain assemply instructions

Click here to open as PDF


Programming the Aluproff roman blind motor

Click here to open as PDF