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The intelligent home

Operate your curtains

with phone, tablet or smartwatch.

You can, of course, control the curtain with remote control or wall socket, but you can also just draw cards in the fabric and it starts to run. You can also operate the curtain with your phone, tablet or smartwatch.


If you are not already familiar with the IFTTT technology, you will be there soon. IFTTT technology makes it possible to make your home intelligent so that you can both control your curtains (and lights, music, etc.) or make sure your curtains automatically open when you get home just by your presence. You can set up a “scenario” that keeps an eye on your mobile phone’s GPS location, and activates your curtains as soon as you approach your home.

Talk to your curtains

Experience the benefits of the intelligent home

The intelligent home is about to be a reality for many Danish homes. Intelligent control of the light in the house, refrigerators that can tell if you need milk. Robot vacuum cleaners that can be programmed to handle the dust in the living room while not at home etc. Now the ride has come to the house curtains, which can be controlled intelligently – in many exciting ways.


If you want traditional sunshade, such as blinds or blinds, there are a variety of different providers, in many different shapes and versions. Common is that if you drive the engine, they can be controlled with remote control or wall connectors. Choosing the beautiful classic curtains, which have so recently become modern, opens up a world of possibilities. Besides getting a huge selection of color options, patterns and fabrics that can actively clean the air at home, the control of the curtain is now also intelligent.


And now also comes the possibility of voting your curtains. Via the Aluproff home automation, the Somfy Tahoma box, and a connected “home assistant” you can with a simple command, make the curtains run.