Motorization & LED - Aluproff
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Motorization & LED

Classical design with a modern touch

with motorized curtains and curtain sticks with built-in LED light.

Create the perfect atmosphere in the home with Somfy’s motorized curtains. Our automated draperies are available in a variety of fabrics and colors and play a vital role in the comfort and privacy of the home. Curtain lights with LED lights create cozy and give a beautiful light drop. At the same time, your home is living out, even if you are not home. LED light prevents burglary, acts like a lightbulb, a cozy light and creates a lounge atmosphere, and with motorized curtain rails, you can pull your curtains on and off with a single touch of a button. Our smart solutions give you control over the lighting and ensure complete privacy.

LED light in the curtain bar

LED light, creates a cozy and beautiful light

New Aluproff curtain with LED light, creates a cozy and beautiful light, and can function as nightlight and anti-theft protection. The new Aluproff curtain rail has built-in LED light, so you get a nice light directly onto your curtain fabric, which you can also enjoy when it’s dark.


When choosing a curtain fabric in a shop, it usually takes place in daylight. When the curtain is mounted at home and you pull it, you do not have the same experience. With this invention you also enjoy the substance in the evening. The light falls between every wave in the curtain and it gives a completely unique light on the fabric, says marketing manager at Aluproff, Rasmus Stilling. He continues: – The curtain screws down for the sounds from the outside, and the LED lights up for the comfort inside.

The benefits of Somfys

electric curtain rail

Manoeuvre douce et fluide

Quiet and smooth operation
Thanks to the impeccable operation of your Somfy engine, your curtains are protected.


Fonction “Touch motion“

Automatic touch function
Just pull the curtain, just like you would do with a regular curtain, then the engine starts and takes over.


La motorisation de rideau est évolutive

Adaptive engine
You can easily switch to a fully automated home after installing your electric curtains.


Mémoire de position favorite

You can easily retrieve your favorite position
With MY function on your Somfy remote control, you can set your favorite position, which you can then select with a single touch of a button.


Vitesse réglable avec la gamme Glydea

Adjustable speed with Glydea
The smart Glydea